Smart Irrigation

Smart Lawn Irrigation

Maintain Your Lush Landscape While Saving Water & Money

Your irrigation system uses more water than every single indoor water appliance combined. In fact, a seven-zone irrigation system uses approximately 2,500 gallons of water every time it runs. However, nearly half of that water is wasted due to improperly programmed sprinkler controllers and insufficient irrigation systems. All it takes is one broken sprinkler head to waste thousands of gallons of water over the course of one season. Thankfully, Conserva Irrigation® has developed the most efficient solution on the market that can reduce your water waste, save you money, and ensure the beauty of your lawn.

How Does Smart Irrigation Work?

Smart irrigation systems run autonomously. Three core aspects of a smart irrigation system are the controller, the weather sensor, and the soil sensor. All three devices communicate with one another to relay important weather and soil saturation information to the controller. Next, the controller dictates which zones power on and if the entire system should run at all using the information it received from the weather sensor and soil sensors. It’s a completely innovative and necessary addition to irrigation systems and our trusted team is fully-equipped to install and maintain it for you.

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The Toro Difference

Conserva Irrigation is proud to be partnered with Toro and is trusted to provide the most innovative, water-efficient irrigation technology to all of our clients.

The Toro product line we offer includes:

  • Toro EVOLUTION Controller
  • Toro ET Weather Sensor
  • Toro Precision Soil Sensor
  • Toro T5 Series Rotor Heads
  • Toro Precision Spray Nozzles
  • Toro Rain Sensor
  • Toro Drip Irrigation
  • Toro Micro Irrigation

Combining Toro products like the EVOLUTION controller, the ET weather sensor, and the precision soil sensor will provide the optimal watering amounts for your yard. The ET Weather Sensor and Precision Soil Sensor communicate with the smart controller wirelessly to determine upcoming weather patterns and current soil moisture. If it has recently rained, your system won’t power on. This saves you both water and money. On average the Toro EVOLUTION smart controller will save 40-60% on water usage. This smart irrigation technology is proven to be the most efficient and effective way to ensure your landscape receives the perfect amount of water.